Coyote Hunting in Michigan

In Michigan, coyotes can be hunted year-round with a hunting license. Hunting methods include firearms, archery equipment, and trapping. Hunters are also required to follow state regulations, such as daily bag limits and specific hunting hours. It’s important to note that bait may not be used to attract coyotes, however you can use a variety of calls or decoys. Additionally, the hunting of coyotes near residential areas and other developed areas may be restricted to ensure public safety.

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Coyote Hunting Regulations

Coyote hunting in Michigan is a regulated activity that is allowed during specific hunting seasons. Hunters need to follow the state’s hunting laws and regulations, including obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, and adhering to bag limits, hunting methods, and designated hunting areas. It is important for hunters to educate themselves on local regulations and best practices for hunting coyotes in a safe and responsible manner. Additionally, hunters should be aware of the potential dangers posed by other wildlife and take necessary precautions when hunting.

Coyote Hunting Tips

Here are a few key things to know when going coyote hunting:

Laws and regulations: Be aware of the hunting laws and regulations in your area, including hunting seasons, bag limits, and required licenses and permits.

Weapon choice: Choose the appropriate weapon for hunting coyotes, such as a rifle, shotgun, or bow. Consider factors like range, accuracy, and personal preference.

Hunting gear: Essential hunting gear for coyote hunting includes appropriate clothing, boots, backpack, and hunting blind.

Call selection: Coyotes can be called in with a variety of calls, including electronic calls, hand-held calls, and mouth calls. Experiment with different types of calls to determine which work best for you.

Scout the area: Scout the area you plan to hunt ahead of time to look for signs of coyote activity, such as tracks, scat, or vocalizations.

Safety: Always prioritize safety while hunting, including wearing brightly colored clothing and following safe firearms handling practices.

Ethical hunting: Follow ethical hunting practices, such as only shooting coyotes within range and avoiding non-target species.

Note: This list is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for seeking local advice and guidance from experienced hunters and wildlife experts.

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