NightSnipe Extreme Archery Hunting Lights

NightSnipe Archery Hunting Lights the Razorback was designed and chosen as our archery light because of its simplicity, effectiveness, weight to stabilizer comparability, key features and the ability to choose the options you want. With the kits they standard with Bowjax vibration / sound dampeners to keep your archery shots as quite as your traditional stabilizer. It also gives you the option to choose between a coiled click switch or a coiled pressure pad switch depending on personal preference.

The Razorback is unlike any other bow mounted stabilizer light because of the extreme 2-mode CREE LED and specially designed 2-mode specific light bezel. We went ahead and made the RAZORBACK as versatile as possible giving the best of both close range bow illumination as well as maximum down range illumination. In low mode, the Razorback gives off just the right amount of light for shots up to 60 yards. Tap the pressure or click switch to high mode for extreme 200+ yard shot illumination and 500+ yard eye shine detection.

NightSnipe Archery Hunting Lights are key to success for anyone that hunts with a compound bow or crossbow at night!

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