NightSnipe Extreme Fixed Beam Hunting Lights

NightSnipe Hunting Lights are the top extreme range hunting lights available on the market today. Whether you use a bolt-action hunting rifle, tactical / AR rifle, modern sport rifle, shotgun, compound or crossbow our hunting lights will provide you with the visibility you need to hunt long after the sun goes down. The main go to for anyone getting into night hunting or needs a good scanner you want the Fixed beam hunting light!

With our exclusive NightSnipe Fixed beam Hunting Light, you can safely and effectively target coyotes, foxes, bobcats, raccoons, wild hogs and other predators at night at extreme distances.

No matter what game you pursue Predator Hunter Outdoors has you covered. Different species of animals see colors differently. With red, green and white interchangeable led modules available, you can choose the specific color for your intended game. Changing your led module color can be done in less than 30 seconds in the field with no special tools required.

NO filtered lenses are used. Filtered lenses decrease your useful beam distance by more than 50%. By using a clear lens and colored LED, you are assured to reach maximal distance from your NightSnipe line of hunting lights.

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