Predator Thermal Optics

Predator Thermal Optics is a subsidiary of the recognized NightSnipe brand under the Predator Hunter Outdoors Corporation developed in 2009 in Romeo, Michigan.

Predator Hunter Outdoors and the NightSnipe brand have developed into one of the largest predator-hunting dedicated manufacturers in the United States over the past decade. Originally recognized for the NightSnipe brand of Hunting Lights and IR Illuminators, Predator Hunter Outdoors has developed into a full spectrum manufacturer developing products for professional as well as amateur predator hunters throughout the world.

Predator Thermal Optics is 100% dedicated to offering the highest quality thermal imaging devices to the demanding predator hunter. Predator Thermal Optics is a corporation of the United States based out of Michigan. All warranty, service work, and sales are based out of, and handled in the USA. Quality, performance, Innovation, customer service, and Industry-leading warranty are what make Predator Thermal Optics stand out above the rest!!

Industry-leading 5-year warranty. Warrantied and serviced by Predator Thermal Optics.

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