NightSnipe NS550 IR Extreme Dimmer LED




Dimmer LED ONLY! To purchase the Dimmer led and dimmer switch combo click here.

New dimmer led will only operate properly with the dimmer switch.

Feed that Night vision scope the optimal amount of IR Light!!!

Most IR lights available are either a 1 mode, (high) or a 3 mode, (Low/Medium/High).  Night vision scopes can be very picky on the amount of IR light they prefer for different hunting situations to reach the optimal viewing picture. To little light and your target isn’t being illuminated to it’s full potential. To much IR light will result in a complete white washout of your picture resulting in loosing your target in the scope.

The all new NS550 Extreme IR led and dimmer allows the hunter to use the exact amount of IR light for picture perfect illumination. From 1-100% IR light illumination means there is no other IR illumination / dimmer quite like it!

A dimmer system like no other!! Get yours today or upgrade your existing NS550 / NS550 Extreme to the all new NS550 Extreme Dimmer!!

NOTE: IR leds for the NS550 can only be used with 1 battery. The use of 2 batteries / extension tube will cause the led to burn up and void warranty.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in


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