NightSnipe Tournament Hunter Tripod / Saddle Combo


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NightSnipe Tournament Hunter Tripod / Saddle Combo

The ultimate in quality, durability, performance, stability and carbon fiber light weight strength! The NightSnipe Tournament Hunter Carbon Fiber Tripod & NightSnipe Sniper Shooting Saddle is just what the demanding predator hunter on the move needs to make precise shots at every stand!

With 4 sections that extend to a maximum height of 56 inches (68 inches with neck extended), this tripod accompanies even the tallest shooters. If you’re looking for a prone position tripod, the Tournament Hunter has you covered there as well with a minimum height of just 8 inches when collapsed down and legs folded fully out.

The adjustable sectional legs are quickly and quietly locked into the shooters precise shooting height with a quick twist of the locking ring. Setup and take down is extremely quick for the predator hunter on the go. The additional spiked feet are also included for shooters in areas of frozen ground, ice and snow covered terrains. The legs fold out and lock into 3 positions to ensure the shooter the most precise adjustments to accommodate all shooting scenarios and positions.

Another great feature of this tripod is the ability to remove one of the tripods legs and use it as a walking  / trekking stick, or monopod for shooting! One of the lightest weight, most versatile tripod / monopod setups available for the serious predator hunter on the move!

NightSnipe Tournament Hunter Tripod / Saddle Combo Specifications:

Collapsed / folded height: 18 inches 

Maximum height with center column extended: 68 inches 

Maximum height without center column extended: 56 inches

Minimum height with center column: 15 inches

Minimum height without center column: 7.50 inches

Monopod extended height: 55 inches 

Monopod collapsed minimum height: 15 inches 

Add 3 inches to all heights with the addition of the NightSnipe Saddle. Add 7 inches to all heights with NightSnipe SADDLE & Ball Head

Tripod weight rating: 33 lbs

Included accessories: NightSnipe Tournament Hunter Tripod  ~ Padded carrying case with shoulder strap ~ Interchangeable steel spiked feet

NightSnipe Sniper Shooting Saddle

The ultimate lightweight all around shooting system for precise, consecutive shot placement.
If you use a Bolt Action, Shotgun or AR, the NightSnipe Saddle has you covered!

Ball Head Choices:

Option 1:

NightSnipe NS67 Ball Head (44mm 67 lb weight rated aluminum alloy Ball Head) is setup to handle just about any weight rifle setup you can throw at it!  The 67 will accommodate (ARCA SWISS) and (1/4-20) style mounts including Picatinny Rail, M-LOK, and KeyMOD. The locking ball allows for quick adjustments of any angle with precise movements, controlled friction and locking power to hold  your weapon worry free. The locking release plate allows for quick attach and release of your weapon from the head. With the addition of the 3 leveling bubbles, you have precise and accurate reading from all angles to ensure proper shot placement at even the longest distances.

The NS67 also has a tension adjustment screw that allows the ball head to be fine tuned for your specific liking and specific weight of rifle / scope setup. This can be set so that adjustment on the tension knob will only allow your weapon to move if slight pressure is applied, OR can be set to a complete lock ensuring your weapon stays put no matter the pressure applied. NS67 weight: 1.09 lbs

Option 2:

CRETAC Feisol Ball Head SBH-50D (50mm / 41 lb weight rated Ball Head) features CRETAC’s innovative dual-caliper lock design through our own design locking mechanism. This unique method features two locking systems, one to lock the ball head sphere, the other to lock the ball base for even greater stability. This allows for the added load capability. SBH-50D weight: 1.23lbs. Locking Mechanism Choice: Choose between a dial or lever to tighten your ball head! The dial knob allows for a simple twist and slick design as for the lever it allows you to get some more leverage to tighten the ball head.

Option 3: 

Sunwayfoto GNN XB-44DL Low-Profile Ball Head with Duo-lever Clamp is the perfect balance between weight, load capacity, and super low-profile height. These ball head specs are unmatched. The GNN XB-44DL is ideal for weight conscious individuals who still require a full featured ball head. High load capacity of 88 pounds and improved ball head design for smoother movements when changing position. It includes the two-drop-notch design for camera orientation and weights only 1.09 lbs.

NOTE: You will need the Sunwayfoto DP-60R Universal Quick-Release Plate or the MARC QD Plate if you will be mounting your NightSnipe Saddle to a ball head. (The MARC QD Mount works with the CRETAC Ball Head safety pin as the Sunwayfoto does not.)

Package Contents:

1 x NightSnipe Tournament Hunter Carbon Fiber Tripod

1x NightSnipe Sniper Shooting Saddle

1 x Ball Head

1 x Mounting Plate

3 x Screw in spiked feet

3 x Screw in rubber feet

1 x Padded carrying case with shoulder strap


If a heavier holding tripod is required, please see the NightSnipe Elite Hunter Tripod / Saddle Combo.

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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 8 × 8 in
Ball Head

Tripod Only, NightSnipe NS33, NightSnipe NS67, Feisol SBH-50D, Sunwayfoto GNN XB-44DL


Sunwayfoto DP-60R Universal Quick-Release Plate, MARC QD Plate


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