NightSnipe Picatinny Rail Quick Release Adjustable Mount Kit



NightSnipe Picatinny Rail Quick Release Adjustable Mount Kit

Mounts to 1 inch or 30mm scope tubes as well as ANY Picatinny Rail!

Mounts to ALL 1 inch / 25.4mm AND all 30mm light tubes.


Mount your favorite Hunting Light or IR Illuminator with the all NEW QR Adjustable Hunting Light Mount Kit!

Just like mounting a rifle scope, keeping your light as close as possible to your scope / weapon is crucial for maximum performance. Having to high of a mount will result in improper beam placement and insufficient adjustments. Which will not allow your tightly focused light beam to be centered in your scope and on your intended target. In addition to improper beam placement or lack of overall adjustment, the adjustment knobs on 99% of similar mounts are too small. They become seized up very quickly leaving you with a now non-adjustable mount.

A great majority of the adjustable gun light mounts available in the market are very low quality builds. They lack precise CNC machining, quality internal components such as springs, ball bearings and other crucial parts that make up the mounts. We have also found that most of the mounts do not fit the light tubes properly due to improper hole / screw placement, hole depth and sloppy engineering of the mount ring.

We engineered our adjustable gun light mounts in the same fashion as our lights, tight, fluid like and precise adjustments for pinpoint accuracy. Not only did we improve the overall CNC machining of the mounts we also increased the ball bearing diameters, springs and travel adjustments to ensure a full range of adjustment both vertical and horizontal.

We also increased the overall size of the adjustment knobs for easier finger placement and quicker adjustments. NEW QUICK RELEASE DESIGN!

Comes standard with:

  • 1 x NightSnipe Picatinny Rail Quick Release Adjustable Mount kit for Hunting Lights & IR Illuminators
  • 1 x NightSnipe Ring / Rail mount for mounting to all 1-inch as well as 30mm scope tubes.
  • 2 x sets of ring spacers to accommodate 1-inch & 30mm scope tubes as well as 1-inch & 30mm Hunting Lights

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 1 in


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