InfiRay Outdoor - iRayUSA Thermal Vision

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About InfiRay Outdoor– iRayUSA Thermal Vision:

InfiRay Outdoor is the leading global brand in outdoor and hunting-related thermal imaging products. InfiRay Outdoor is sold worldwide in more than 90 countries and is on the cutting edge of thermal imaging device technology. With 48% of all employees working in the R&D department, Infiray Outdoor owns 645 patents related to thermal sensors and optics and has a production capacity of 7M units per year.

iRayUSA is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of premium thermal night vision devices that was established in 2020 to take advantage of more than 25 years of thermal sales, development, use, and experience. While they are proud of their past industry experience, iRayUSA is most proud of their time spent in the field using thermal, and that is what drives them to make the best products possible. Products that they want to use as hunters.
This connection with their customer base is what makes iRayUSA different. It not only allows them to bring the most relevant products to market, but it also confirms the need to support those products after the sale. Just like iRayUSA would expect products to be supported if they were the customer.

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