ATN THOR LT 320 2-4X Thermal Rifle Scope

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ATN THOR LT 320 2-4X Thermal Rifle Scope (Detection Range ~ 800 yards)

ATN strives to make thermal imaging technology more available to the consumer by optimizing our production process. Known for quality, affordable SMART HD thermal and night vision optics. We have upgraded to the New Cutting-Edge 320×240 12um resolution sensor for our optics line. This powerful, compact thermal unit gives consumers an option that will elevate their hunt, the ATN ThOR LT!


The ThOR LT is the lightest Thermal Scope in the ATN ThOR line, providing more versatility to mount to a Crossbow, Air Rifle, or other platforms where weight is a critical factor.


The new internal lithium Ion battery will keep you hunting late into the evening or those early morning hours, with an incredible 10+ hrs of run time. Saving you money on buying multiple reusable or one-time use batteries.


Easy to mount with standard 30mm rings, and easy to navigate controls that takes away from the learning curve and gets you out in the field hunting faster. We’ve removed all the bells and whistles to give you a simple to use thermal scope.


Color: Black
Magnification: 2 – 4 x
Objective Lens Diameter: 30 mm
Tube Diameter: 30 mm
Sensor Resolution: 320×240 pixels
Display Resolution: 1280×720 pixels
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
Resolution: 320×240 pixels
Reticle: Multiple
Illumination Color: White
Eye Relief: 90 mm
Diopter Adjustment Range: -5 – 5 dpt
Attachment/Mount Type: Ring
Battery Type: Internal Rechargeable
Battery Life: 10+ hours
Weather Resistance: Yes
Length: 11.5 in
Width: 2.2 in
Height: 2.2 in
Weight: 1.4 lb
Condition: New
Fabric/Material: Aluminum
Battery Quantity: 3


  • Microns: 12m Microns
  • Field of view: 11.6×8.7
  • 3D Accelerometer: Yes
  • Color modes: White Hot / Black Hot
  • Reticles: Multiple Patterns
  • USB, type C: Yes
  • Mount: 30mm Standard Rings (not included)
  • Dimensions: 292x56x55 mm / 11.5 x 2.2 x 2.2

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 5 in

5 reviews for ATN THOR LT 320 2-4X Thermal Rifle Scope

  1. luke.dunn.the.second

    I have a really big problem with coyotes in my farm. These predators didn’t give any chances for my cows at night. And thermal vision offered with this scope is the reason that I bought it. Any coyote can’t hide from me. The scope is a little heavy, but given all of the technology inside the optic, I would expect nothing less. The sensor in this scope is very sensitive. It doesn’t have all the helpful features (streaming, ballistics calculator, build-in range finder) like in more expensive models, it does cover the basics that most people will want and use most often. As a bonus, it has a really simple and user-friendly menu. This is a great thermal vision scope with everything you need.

  2. french.ron

    I am enjoying this scope. No frills – only all thrills. Simple and basic. I don’t need all that recording and streaming. Easily take hogs at 300 yards with this thing. This unit is light weight and compact. The control functions are easy to navigate and zeroing was easy. You only need to read a manual or watching some video on youtube and you won’t have any issues.

  3. brian.webster

    A good thermal unit for a reasonable price. The scope was easy to set up and zero with the onboard “One Shot Zero” feature. Perfect image quality and no pixelation when zooming in. Easy to spot the coyotes in the tall grass with this scope. I think it’s the best balance between quality and cost.

  4. dave.paul

    This is the first thermal vision scope I’ve ever owned and I am in love with it. Easy to use and set up the thermal picture on the screen is clear and crisp and the detail this scope captures at even 100yds is amazing and best yet it’s priced well below some of the other brands

  5. roderick.barnes

    Perfect thermal scope for the money. Has a very sensitive sensor that is able to pick up the thermal signatures at 200 to 300 yards. It is easy to recognise hogs at around 100 yards with this thermal. This is an awesome thermal scope with a perfect price tag!

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