NightSnipe M-LOK Rail Ball Head Adapter


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NightSnipe M-LOK Rail Ball Head Adapter

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Michigan with American materials!

When your depending on a mount system to hold up your weapon and scope, you want the very best! The NightSnipe M-LOK Rail Ball Head Adapter was designed to be just that! Precision fit and made to hold your firearm in place even if your ball head clamp loosens. With safety screws on both ends of the adapter, you can rest assured that your weapon will not slide out of the ball head it’s being mounted to. We also incorporated side slots to accommodate other ball heads safety features such as the Cretac / Feisol heads safety pin system.

  • Connect to tripod connections for both Arca-Swiss or Manfrotto RC2 (200PL) tripod heads. No other adapter plate required.
  • Attach this adapter to the M-LOK Rail on the bottom of your weapon and slide / mount to your favorite ball head. The NightSnipe M-LOK Ball Head Adapter makes it quick and efficient for rock solid stabilization!

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Dimensions 11 × 8 × 1 in


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