NightSnipe NS400 IR (Infrared) Illuminator Hunting Light SOLO



NightSnipe NS400 IR (Infrared) Illuminator Hunting Light SOLO

The NightSnipe NS400 IR Hunting Illuminator!! The smallest/ lightest IR Illuminator available all while illuminating your target at 400+ yards!  The ultimate in lightweight stealth!

The NS400 IR Illuminator by Predator Hunter Outdoors is one of the most powerful illuminators on the market yet is still compact, lightweight and usable on any night vision setup. Greatly improve the clarity and distance capabilities of your current night vision equipment with this powerful and compact illuminator. A must for anyone looking to get the most of their night vision equipment.

  • NS400 IR Hunting Illuminator 48mm bezel / diameter. 9.8oz with battery installed.

Key features:

  • Adjustable beam allows the user to fine tune the illuminator to their specific situation. From flood to tight pencil beam when extreme distance shots are needed.
  • Achieve much greater distances and optimal clarity of your intended target. Optimal 3 mode led design, low, medium and high allow for the desired amount of IR light needed.
  • 850NM (1070MW) light source provides zero light emittance visible to the human eye or that of your game.
  • Compatible with generation 1, generation 2, generation 3, and ALL digital night vision devices.
  • 18650 rechargeable batteries.
  • Numerous mounting options available for AR rails, scopes, binoculars and monocular.
  • Available in kit form (18650 rechargeable batteries, battery charger with home and car plugs, customer selected mounting options, custom Flambeau case) or the light by itself.
  • Industry Leading Warranty

Predator Hunter Outdoors is excited to announce our new line of Infrared Illuminators all designed to boost and enhance your current night vision setup with improved clarity and extreme distances! With a variety of different models and kit packages available, units were designed to suit the needs of every hunter for every hunting situation. Whether it be a weapon rail mount, scope mount, binocular or monocular, we have a mount system to accompany any of our IR Hunting Illuminator units. With maximum performance, innovative design and an industry leading warranty. Predator Hunter Outdoors line of Infrared Illuminators will Keep you Hunting After the Sun Goes Down!!! Be sure to check out our even better deals on Pulsar / Sightmark / ATN / NightSnipe Infrared Illuminator packages!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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