Pulsar Telos LRF XG50 Thermal Monocular (ON SALE with free lanyard!)

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Pulsar Telos LRF XG50 Thermal Monocular

(3.5-14x magnification and 2,500 yards of detection!)

Step into the future of hunting with the Pulsar Telos LRF XG50, a digital thermal monocular designed for unparalleled performance in challenging environments. Featuring Advanced Pulsar Image Boost Technology, this monocular ensures a heightened nocturnal hunting experience, providing a distinct advantage in low-light conditions.

Crafted for durability and comfort, the Telos LRF XG50 boasts an ergonomic nonslip rubber-coated housing, suitable for both right and left-handed users. Powered by a replaceable battery pack with USB-C and wireless charging options, this monocular adapts to your hunting needs, offering an impressive 8.5 hours of battery life.

Experience clarity like never before with the 640×480 <25mK NETD Thermal Imaging Sensor and 12μm pixel pitch on a 1024×768 AMOLED display. Capture your hunting triumphs in vivid detail with photos and videos recorded in 1024×768 resolution, complemented by a 3.5-14x magnification for sharp focus. With an extensive 2,515-yard detection range, the Telos LRF XG50 equips you for long-range nocturnal pursuits.

What sets the Telos LRF XG50 apart is its built-in Laser Rangefinder with a 1000-yard range, providing precision in distance measurement. Seamlessly share your hunting adventures with enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity and integrated Bluetooth, connecting to the Stream Vision 2 app. The monocular’s 64GB internal memory ensures ample space for your recordings.

Built to withstand the elements, the Telos LRF XG50 holds an IPX7 waterproof rating, allowing you to confidently navigate diverse weather conditions. Experience the ultimate night hunting experience with the Pulsar Telos LRF XG50 – where cutting-edge technology meets durability, clarity, and precision.

Pulsar Telos LRF XG50 Features:

  • Advanced Pulsar Image Boost technology
  • Built for the toughest conditions
  • Ergonomic, nonslip rubber-coated housing
  • Comfortable use with both right and left hands
  • Replaceable battery pack with USB-C and wireless charging options
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity with 2.4 / 5 GHZ waveband support
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Built-in video and photo recorder
  • 64GB internal memory
  • 640×480 <25mK NETD Thermal imaging sensor with 12μm pixel pitch
  • 1024×768 AMOLED display
  • Photos and videos recorded in 1024×768 resolution
  • 3.5-14x magnification
  • 2,515 yards detection range
  • Built-in Laser Rangefinder with 1000-yard range
  • 8.5 hours of battery life
  • IPX7 waterproof rated

Pulsar Telos Thermal Monocular Specification Sheet

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 6 in


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